2017 Timeline


example for thesis statement Category 2017 Dates Description
Activity 9/15/2016 Ship Robot Kits to Physical
Teams, and Send out Safety Document w Kits
Webinar 9/23/2016 Virtual Application Recruitment Webinar
Webinar 9/27/2016 Robot Assembly Webinar (8 Physical New Teams)- Faculty and
Team Leads
Activity 9/30/2016 Receive Gripper Kits and April
Webinar 10/21/2016 Intro Webinar – Software (Physical and Virtual) – Faculty and
Team Leads
Activity 10/22/2016 Finalized Rules Sent to Teams
Webinar 10/28/2016 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for
Physical Teams – Faculty and Team Leads
Webinar 1/19/2017 Student Orientation (Physical
and Virtual)
GitHub Check-In 2/1/2017 Check-In 1
Survey 2/6/2017 Student Survey 1
Webinar 2/13/2017 NASA Virtual Opportunity Fair
Activity 2/15/2017 Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU) Application Deadline
GitHub Check-In 2/15/2017 Check-In 2
Survey 2/17/2017 Faculty Survey 1
Webinar 2/24/2017 Tech Questions/Code Upload
(Physical and Virtual)
Activity 3/1/2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Application Deadline
Activity 3/1/2017 Team Story Video (encouraged,
not required, videos are under 5 minutes)
GitHub Check-In 3/1/2017 Check-In 3
Survey 3/6/2017 Student Survey 2
Activity 3/13/2017 REU and DREU Recommendation Letters from faculty mentors for their student will be requested by email and due
Activity 3/15/2017 Deadline to Register for NASA KSC Passes
GitHub Check-In 3/15/2017 Check-In 4
Activity 3/28/2017 Outreach Report Due (Physical and Virtual Teams)
Activity 3/31/2017 Final Upload of Code to GitHub
Activity 3/31/2017 Swarmathon REU faculty and students will be chosen
Survey 4/3/2017 Student Survey 3
Activity 4/04/2017 Technical Report Due (Physical and Virtual Teams)
GitHub Check-In 04/04-04/18 2017 Test Student Code
Webinar 4/7/2017 Event Day Rules and Logistics
Activity 4/7/2017 High School Netlogo Competition Deadline
Survey 4/13/2017 Comprehensive Student Survey
Survey 4/18/2017 Comprehensive Faculty Survey
Activity 4/18-4/20 2017 Swarmathon Competition
Activity 4/18-4/20 2017 Virtual Competition Winners Announced
Activity 6/2017-8/2017 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
Survey 8/22/2017 REU Survey