Team Photo Submission

We are excited that the Swarmathon is right around the corner and we have a form (due Monday, April 3), to collect 3 things that will help us promote your team and its participation. See form at:

(1) We need a team photo (Mandatory)
We are publishing an event program and we want to include a photo of every team (Both Physical and Virtual) that is competing in the NASA Swarmathon.  The program will be distributed at the Swarmathon competition at the Kennedy Space Center.  We will also be mailing a copy of the program afterwards to teams that could not make the trip.

(2) We would like to get Social Media Accounts for your team AND your individual team members. (Optional)
We will be publishing information about all of the teams (both Physical and Virtual) on social media during the event.  We would like to mention your team and its members when we post on social media.

(3) We want to play music you’d like to hear during the event. (Optional)
We are collecting song requests.  Just give us a youtube link to a radio friendly song and we will try and play it during the competiton.  Even if you are not attending the event, we would still like suggestions from you, and will do our best to recognize the request came from your team during the event J

It’s absolutely critical that we get a team photo from every school in our program layout so we need this form completed by Monday, April 3rd, 2017. Please complete the form by visiting:

Thank you for your help in providing this information.