Outreach/HS Division

Applications for the high school competition are now closed. However, you are welcome to download materials and use on your own.



Physical and Virtual Swarmathon teams are required to do outreach activities with students in their own communities to build their skills and interest in computer programming and robotics. Swarmathon teams can leverage any existing outreach or community projects they have available, but we strongly encourage teams to mentor a local high school team in the High School Division competition.


Swarmathon HS Division competition

Teams can choose to fulfill their outreach requirement by mentoring a high school team to participate in the Swarmathon High School Division competition. CSForAll teachers are also eligible to participate. The Swarmathon HS Division will be a virtual contest run in the Netlogo programming language. To prepare students to compete, we have developed a series of 5 tutorial modules.

Prize Money

Finishing well in this competition will not only bring prestige and accolades to your team, it could also land your school some prize money!  The following is a break down of how the prize money will be awarded:



Swarmathon modules overview

In the tutorial modules, students build on base code to create their own NetLogo programs. Modules 1- 4 introduce students to NetLogo, the Swarmathon, and different types of search strategy. Module 5, the final module of the series, becomes the team’s final submission to the Swarmathon HS Division competition! These modules can be run as a series of workshops to prepare students to write NetLogo Swarmathon competition code. College mentors should familiarize themselves with NetLogo by completing the modules before teaching this material in workshops. NOTE: NetLogo 5.2 is required for participation (free download; cross-platform). Please see the Module Companion Guide for more information on installing NetLogo 5.2.  

[Sw1] Intro to Bio-Inspired Search

[Sw1] is a 2-3 hour workshop that introduces NetLogo basics, random walking to find resources, and site fidelity.

[Sw2] Advanced Bio-Inspired Search

[Sw2] is a 2-hour workshop that builds on the code base from [Sw1]. Stigmergic strategy/using pheromone is introduced. Students also learn about variables that change value over time.

[Sw3] Intro to Deterministic Search

[Sw3] is a 2-hour workshop that introduces Depth-First Search (DFS). Students also learn about organizing code through procedures and subprocedures.

[Sw4] Advanced Deterministic Search

[Sw4] is a 2-hour workshop that builds on the code base from [Sw3].  Students learn about spiral search and heterogeneous swarms.

[Sw5] Competition

This module is the capstone project of the students’ final submission for the HS Division competition. Students should be given as much time as possible to design, write, and test their solution. The module includes a Competition Guide with competition rules and a pre-submission checklist.

Participation Timeline

Jan 26, 2018:  Registration Closes
Feb 05, 2018: (Deadline was extended)  Check-in 1,  Modules 1 and/or 2 Submitted on GitHub
Feb 15, 2018   Survey Sent to Team Mentors|
Feb 22, 2018: Check-in 2,  Modules 3 and/or 4 Submitted on GitHub
Mar 20, 2018: Code Submission Deadline
Mar 25, 2018: Survey Deadline

=How to Download

The complete module package can be downloaded at GitHub  by clicking on the green Clone or download button then selecting Download Zip.

The completed solution files are available to instructors and team leaders upon request.