research topic for college students APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2017 SWARMATHON ARE NOW CLOSED
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Applications will be evaluated based on the team’s management plan and implementation plan (including projected number of students). The selection committee will also consider diversity factors in the final award portfolio, such as but not limited to, different types of institutional representation, participation by individuals traditionally underrepresented in STEM studies and careers, and geography.

Management Plan
Evaluation of the Management Plan includes consideration of the following criteria:

— Goals and objectives include improving institution capabilities to compete at national level, and interest in NASA opportunities

— Qualifications, capabilities and experience of the Faculty Member

— Degree to which proposed effort builds on lessons learned and/or best practices of past competitions or senior design projects undertaken by the Faculty Member.

Implementation Plan
Evaluation of the Implementation Plan includes consideration of the following criteria:

— Description of how students will be engaged and if they will receive course credit (preference is given to applications which indicate course credit will be provided)

— Realistic schedule/timeline or other description of how major milestones will be met

— Number of students engaged in the competition.

— Proposed high school outreach activities (for Physical Competition Applicants)