2018 Technical Check-Ins

Each team participating in the NASA Swarmathon is required to do Technical Check-Ins.  The Technical Check-Ins consist of:

1) Upload of Code to Github

2) Completion of a Check-in Form

3) Upload of a video to youtube.com and providing a link to the video within the check-in form.
Please note the check-in form will describe the desired content for the video.  The check-in videos should be straightforward and simple.  We are not expecting a well produced/edited video, but rather a video simply documenting you have completed a specific task as requested.  Please note that the videos associated with the check-ins should NOT be confused with your overall team video, which is optional and can result in prize money.

Technical Check-In Dates and the associated Check-In forms are as follows:
Check-In #1 – 10/30/17 – Check In Form #1
Check-In #2 – 12/11/17 – Check In Form #2
Check-In #3 – 2/2/18 – Check In Form #3
Check-In #4 – 3/1/18  – Check In Form #4 THIS CHECK-IN IS MANDATORY TO COMPETE!