2018 Team Videos

All teams are encouraged to document their Swarmathon experience by submitting a Team Video by the deadline of March 25, 2018.

This activity is not required.  It is optional.  The team that submits the best video will be awarded a $200 prize.

Videos should be 3 to 7 minutes in length and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Story. Does the video paint a full picture?  Does the viewer walk away with insights into the experience
  2. Creativity – is the approach unique and or innovative in any way
  3. Passion and Enthusiasm. Does the video communicate the team’s passion and enthusiasm for the project.
  4. Technical Quality – clear audio, interesting shots, good transitions between shots, cohesiveness.

All videos should be uploaded to Youtube and a publicly viewable link should be provided to NASA Swarmathon
by 11:59pm Eastern Time on March 25, 2018.


You can submit a link to your team video using the form found on this page:

Good Luck!