2018 One-on-One Technical Q&A Meetings

The next series of One-on-One Technical Q&A Meetings will occur on
Friday, February 23rd
Monday, February 26th
Tuesday, February 27th
LAST  One-on-One Monday, March 12th

Click the link below to sign up for a slot:

One-on-One Monday, March 12th

Information about the One-on-One Meetings 
The One-On-One meetings are designed to provide teams with direct assistance from UNM Swarmathon staff when they need guidance for issues that cannot be resolved via the Q&A Forum, or are overly complex and require detailed discussion.  Here are 7 quick facts you should keep in mind when signing up.

1) Teams should first attempt to resolve questions via the Q&A forum found at: http://nasaswarmathon.com/2018-qa-forum

2) Teams may opt to sign up for ONE time slot which spans 30 minutes.

3) Slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

4) The meeting will be held in a webinar platform we use for other Swarmathon events.  The big difference is we will provide your team rights to use your webcam and microphone to ask questions.

5) We will send out a link to the webinar once the complete schedule is finalized.

6) Please be aware that other are teams are welcome to attend your particular slot to observe and learn.  However, they will not be able to ask questions.  Please be aware that we will be recording all sessions for public playback, so that all teams may benefit from guidance offered on what might be common technical issues among teams.

7) 30 minutes is a firm maximum time allotted.  This includes working through any A/V difficulties that might pop up such as microphone problems, camera problems, etc.